Plebzie Hall (plebizoon) wrote in purpleleoness,
Plebzie Hall

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Chizzy I says HI!


Ho ho ho! OMG IS THAT SANTA? It IS Santa! QUICK QUICK! We might miss him! Look there he is...

Oh, no I was wrong: it is just butch.

You know, no offense to butch or anything, but she could earn a fair bit as a santa...all she needs to do is shorten that beard of hers and he..caugh caugh..I mean SHE (of course i meant that!) and she would play the perfect part!

Brilliant! She will be so pleased i gave her the idea!
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ho, ho, ho. what? is laura about?lol
heh heh! lol. very funny. ^_^
yeah i know. i've figured out why her head is so wonky. it's cos it's full of bollocks!